"I Find It Hard To Say" a Photo Series for the Peerspace Exhibit / by Daniel Randall

I Find It Hard To Say- is a visceral ode to self-growth & selfcare. All too often the world has its way of sullying our will to keep keeping on. I find myself swallowing my words.. out of; well to be honest fear. This story isn't new you've heard this before! This time its from someone just like you. I've lived with a family thats nourished  this idea that feelings are best keep concealed. That belief has had me fighting my entire life; most times when i didn't need to (Ps. I'm going on a whim that any of this makes sense to you). All in all thinking about these road blocks after has help me to grow just that much. I Find It Hard To Say is a visual reminder of this, so from where i am to wherever you are.. Enjoy!

Ps. Shoutout the DreamTeam involved!