Maryah | Soho,ny |AUG '17 by Daniel Randall

I seem to colide with radiant souls like these almost daily, and the pleasure is alway mine. This day was no different we like all people our age meet these days.. Instagram. She had messaged me that morning to meet up in the city for a quick run & gun scrimmage shoot. She had been at casting calls all morning so I figured I'd keep it light. 

Dedicated to SZA by Daniel Randall

This was a good day..

I for one love the interchange of good vibes and energy. Like all cliches aside, Jaz lit up the room. SZA's melodies had a lot to do with it. I have this; probably unhealthy adoration for SZA's message & sonics. She's pretty much wifey :-)

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"I Find It Hard To Say" a Photo Series for the Peerspace Exhibit by Daniel Randall

I Find It Hard To Say- is a visceral ode to self-growth & selfcare. All too often the world has its way of sullying our will to keep keeping on. I find myself swallowing my words.. out of; well to be honest fear. This story isn't new you've heard this before! This time its from someone just like you. I've lived with a family thats nourished  this idea that feelings are best keep concealed. That belief has had me fighting my entire life; most times when i didn't need to (Ps. I'm going on a whim that any of this makes sense to you). All in all thinking about these road blocks after has help me to grow just that much. I Find It Hard To Say is a visual reminder of this, so from where i am to wherever you are.. Enjoy!

Ps. Shoutout the DreamTeam involved! 

ragazzi dell'estate by Daniel Randall

Im truly humbled for the experiences I've encountered this summer. I got the chance to travel out to Italy for a small collaboration project w/ Christian Loubouton. Being blessed with beauty from Naples and Capri truly was like no other. Everything from the culture, food, and landscape warmed my heart. Admittedly so the task of digesting all of this was quite daunting but I loved the journey. Heres a bit of what we were up to below.

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